Guild Rules


  1. Wraith is an international guild.
  2. You are joining the guild at your own responsibility (or your legal guardian's if you're underage).
  3. If you have an issue with one of the other guild members, contact an officer or the guild leader.
  4. No reporting other people in the guild to ArenaNet unless they're harassing you on private channels.
  5. We're a three strikes guild, you get two warnings and then you get kicked. Play nice.
  6. The recommended age for guild members is over 20, but we won't ask for your ID.
  7. When you feel like being a dick, stop being a dick and be a pretty cool guy instead (even if you're a girl).
  8. All rules are subject to officer discretion. If you don't know which rule you're breaking, it's this one.


  1. Any language is allowed on the guild chat, though English is preferred. We reserve the right to go full grammar Nazi on you.
  2. The guild chat may feature strong, inappropriate, or offensive language. This is ok with us, we don't follow ArenaNet's rules.
  3. Don't spam guild chat with pointless shit, you will only get one notice to tone it down.
  4. Heated debates about politics or religion are discouraged are heavily encouraged. Fuck your beliefs.
  5. Keep personal attacks and flaming to a minimum. Repeated verbal abuse is frowned upon and will earn you a warning.
  6. We like helping new members and players, but don't nag incessantly with stupid questions. Use the official wiki.

Ranks and Promotions

  1. To become a wraith, you need to have been an active member for over a week and register on our website.
  2. Don't ask for officer ranks, we'll ask you.
  3. Officer ranks will become available depending on the amount of current members and demand.
  4. All officer promotions go through a (weighted, non-anonymous) voting process.
  5. We're not a democracy, we're a necrocracy. If there's a disagreement, Death's word is final.
  6. Abusing your rank is grounds for a permanent demotion or an immediate kick. No excuses.
  7. If you're inactive or gone for over a month, you get demoted to a shadow.
  8. If you're gone for over three months without prior notice, you get removed from the guild.

Storage and Funds

  1. Guild stash is a public storage area. You are responsible for your own shit.
  2. Depending on the amount of use, guild storage may be scrubbed announced or unannounced.
  3. If you want something stored in the treasure trove or cave, ask an officer nicely.
  4. We may levy a fee if you plan on storing items in the lower levels for a longer period of time.
  5. Money gained from scrubbing, fees, or donations will be used for events or upgrades.
  6. Embezzlement or theft of guild property will be punished with an immediate expulsion.


  1. We have an official Discord server. Anyone is free to join it as long as they behave.
  2. No, you can't be a moderator on the server. No, not even if you're a guild officer.
  3. All chat rules apply here as well.
  4. Report all misbehaviour to one of the moderators or the owner.


  1. Sunday is the official baguette day.
  2. Pie is the king of all things sweet and savory.
  3. Cookies are for plebs.
  4. Consider the coconuts.